Rainbow Crack Seed has been a local favorite since 1996. With a variety of Asian and Hawaiian influenced snacks, from li hing mui to crunchy arare, candy, and more, it has become the most loved by all different ages here in Hawaii. We always have a wide selection to choose from to satisfy each one's cravings. 

We offer customizable gift sets to send your favorite crack seed snacks to the ones you love, and also snacks from our in store menus that are perfect to grab and go. Our top priority is to create a smile through our delicious snacks, and spread love through sharing everyone’s island favorites. 

Started by one family back in 1996, Rainbow Crack Seed has been thriving making sure to spread love to all our locals, and even those that may be far away. Family being one of our top values, we want to make sure everyone no matter how far they may be, is able to experience the familiar tastes of the island and feel the love of the rainbow ohana (ohana means family in Hawaiian).